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Zagorochoria | Travel Photography | Dora Dimitriou

Travel with me to Zagorochoria

Zagorochoria is the Greek word that refers in one word to all 46 villages of the Zagori region in Epirus, Greece.

A region I totally recommend you to visit and enjoy the calmness, beauty, nature, and the distinct architecture.

We stayed at the Papigo village and through there we were able to visit all the biggest villages in the region. The rock & the wood live in harmony both at the environment and the architecture of the villages. They all share a common way of building houses & bridges and that adds to the natural beauty.

Colors really change during the sunset over the mountains. We couldn’t help but stop, stare & capture the scenery. In a magical way, in Zagorochoria, you feel like home. The hospitality and people there remind you of many rare human values.

If you choose to visit, please enjoy every second of the trip and try to see as much as possible.